Social media is part of our everyday lives. This is where we keep in contact with our friends, follow people who inspire us and keep up to date with companies we like and are loyal to.

In the last couple of years the opportunity to market your business with paid ads has grown and made social media into the perfect digital advertising platform for reaching both new and previous customers.

Facebook is a great platform for advertising, however it is still important to stress that people are reactive when they are on Facebook, which means that your ads have to be precise and graphicly spot on to make people want to click them. When making ads for Facebook (and Instagram) you’re able to create carousel ads, image ads, video ads, lead generating ads and much more.


Iternum Digital can help you from start to finish with graphical work, targeting (based on factors such as age, gender, interests, location, education, etc.) and regular optimization. You are also able to use the product catalogue to target previous visitors with ads containing the exact products they’ve been researching. 

Owned by Facebook, Instagram is the platform for more visuals and less text. Just as on Facebook, businesses have the possibility to get their ads placed in the user feeds, showing image or video ads for relevant target groups. Iternum Digital can help you get going on both Facebook and Instagram, set up the right targeting and optimization strategy. The synergy effects we see from showing ads on both Facebook and Instagram are usually very high.

"Creativity and results go hand in hand when it comes to social media. We give you the perfect combination."

 Julie Stenberg, Social Media/SEO Specialist



LinkedIn is a professional social media platform focused on B2B. Just as on Facebook it is possible to segment your focus groups but in a different way. LinkedIn has got various targeting categories such as education, job titles, group interests, industries etc. 

YouTube has become immensely popular among kids, teenagers and young adults. But it is also becoming a search engine for e.g. “how to” and review videos. Having your own YouTube channel can be a great way to reach potential customers, but you also have the opportunity to advertise on YouTube. Bumper ads or view through ads will show before other videos and you can attach clickable CTAs that can direct people to your desired landing page – maybe your own channel or your website.


Analyzing the data through YouTube Analytics is an important part of reaching success on YouTube. Here you can for example see how many seconds someone watches the ad before clicking to skip it. This is where the expertise is really needed and where Iternum Digital can help you make money out of your creatives.



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