To target and reach your previous visitors or customers with the right message leads to better results. Remarketing creates synergistic effects across your different digital marketing channels.

If you are not already using remarketing or haven't prepared a remarketing strategy you may be missing out on conversions, revenue and profit that would cost you very little.

Remarketing is all about using the data you already have. For example, a click on an Google Ads ad from someone who has already visited your site earlier, put something in the shopping basket or even made a purchase, is more valuable. You might not think of remarketing as something that can be used on the Search part – but it can. By adding remarketing lists to your Search campaigns you will be able to bid higher for previous visitors or customers in order to win a better position in the ad auction.

Just as with Search, remarketing can be used on Shopping. Iternum Digital has a well-developed procedure for enabling remarketing on your Google Ads campaign, bringing you increased revenues. We make sure to bid higher for previous visitors and customers who has the initial brand awareness and brand relationship that you otherwise have to overcome.

"Implementing remarketing will help you make use of visitor data in an efficient and timely way."

 Frida Fluge, Digital Marketing Specialist




Display Remarketing is probably what most people think of when they hear the word remarketing. This is where you’re able to show visual banner ads across the Google Display network next to the regular content of the page that your previous visitors, almost customers or customers visit. This can also be set up with your Google Shopping feed, where you can use the benefits of Dynamic Display Remarketing, showing the exact product that someone has been looking at on your website.

Remarketing can also be used on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. It can either be set up through your product catalogue, thereby showing the exact product someone’s been researching, or a remarketing list can be used for the targeting of an ordinary ad. Of course, it can also be combined with other targeting methods such as demographics and psychographics.



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