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Google Ads (former AdWords) is perhaps the most well-known PPC channel and is developed by Google. In a lot of ways Google pioneered the Pay Per Click marketing platform and has since then grown and developed the features and possibilities available to Google Ads advertisers.


The Search Network is where you can show your ads to the million of people making Google searches every day. By using search ads on Google you will be able to reach people with higher purchase intent, since they are already searching for what they want. By choosing the right keywords, making relevant and appealing ads and perfectly assigned landing pages we help you build a steady foundation. Then we will start optimizing your Google Ads account, over and over again.


The Shopping ads on Google are now well-known to every marketer and the competition between advertisers is just growing. This is not surprising, since you get the opportunity to show the price and picture of a product, among other things, which makes it highly appealing to the customer. To get your ads showing on Shopping you need a Google Merchant Center account and a feed containing all the product data. With the feed in place, regular bid optimization can start where we make sure to adjust the bids on a granular product level.

"Optimizing your data on a granular level based on the business goal is extremely important in order to create the best results."

Claes Jensen, Head of PPC




Google Display is where you are able to show visual ads across the Display network. The Display network consists of websites, online newspapers and other places across the internet, where your ad will be able to show as a banner next to the content of the page. The people you reach with Display will not have the same high purchase intent as the people using Google’s search engine, but is a great way to increase brand awareness. You will be able to reach out to people visiting specific sites or base the targeting on demographics and psychographics. Just like Search and Shopping, Display can be combined with remarketing, to make it even more powerful.


If you have a local store you might wonder why digital would matter to you? But it does, in many ways. With geo targeting you can get your ads in front of potential buyers near your shop. With ad extensions you can get your nearest store showing on your regular Search ads on Google, making it easier for your customer to visit your store physically to buy the thing they were looking for online. There’s also ways of measuring the effect your Google Ads ads have on the amount of purchases done in store. This is being constantly improved by Google, and Iternum Digital can help you set this up.




We are experts in optimizing data with the goal of making money for our clients. There is a clear reason for that, and we can show you this by using your own Google Ads data. Before you decide to work with us we do a thorough analysis of your Google Ads account. This analysis consists of more than 45 elements concerning the creative and quantitative performance.

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