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Iternum Digital will give you the best suited optimization strategy based on your business and your goals. No matter the industry you are in, or whether you are a B2B, B2C or local store, we will find the digital strategy that can help you grow your revenues. We have a proven track record, the competencies and developed processes that have been enhanced over 10 years of work with digital platforms.

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ComfortClick operates on a international level with +10 countries. Since we started optimizing for them we have obtained +17% in revenues and -15% in cost.

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A swedish webshop, who did not have digital marketing strategy. Within 6 month we have created a +17 in ROAS. And we are still working on creating more digital growth for 


Operates in 3 nordic countries (DK,SE,NO).  After we have taken over their Google Ads accounts we have increased their revenues with +29% and decreased their cost with -14%

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Bandfactory has webshops in 3 countries and we have increased +18% in leads from Google’s paid and organic traffic. 


 Is a danish retailer who has 3 physical stores located in Copenhagen area.  We have increased  +100% in revenues from online channels with only a +30% increase in costs.


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