If you are looking for sports equipment, planning to build a playground or designing urban environments TRESS is your solution. See how we're helping them win the sport of digital.

With operations in Denmark, Sweden and Norway TRESS chose Iternum Digital as the right partner to plan and optimize their digital marketing on Google Ads and Bing Ads in 2018.

The journey started with a search for squash equipment. After that first crossing of paths, it didn’t take long until TRESS and Iternum Digital partnered up to improve TRESS’s digital performance.

“After seeing Iternum Digital’s profound analysis of our Google Ads accounts we learned that there is always something to optimize in a Google Ads account, but that the right foundation needs to be in place first. Iternum Digital has new perspectives and more in depth work than all other agencies we’ve come across.”


  • Running the domain (DK, SE, NO)

  • +90 employees

  • Operates in 3 Nordic countries

When taking over a Nordic company like TRESS, we utilize our native speaking Danish, Swedish and Norwegian inhouse team members to create the most appealing ads creative.


"When having a digital marketing bureau optimizing your accounts you want the language to always be perfect, something we could rely on with Iternum Digital’s international profile", Jimmy Seberg, Webshop Manager at Tress A/S, explains.

“As ever-changing as digital marketing is, it’s great to have an agency that keeps up to date. We have exciting things ahead happening for the company and we feel that Iternum Digital is the right partner to explore those opportunities with.”

After the foundation was in place the real work of optimization could begin. After three months we could see the fruit of the labour. Across the three domains there was a general increase of revenues of +29% and a decrease in cost of -14%.

"We were all excited to see the good results that Iternum Digital was able to help us achieve in just a short amount of time. It really proves that their algorithms are working and that their way of optimizing data is the right way to go for online businesses today", Jimmy Seberg concludes.


in revenues


in cost

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