Car wrapping, pop up shops or brochure printing? BrandFactory will fix it for you. Since 2017 Iternum Digital is helping BrandFactory reach their potential customers online.

Iternum Digital was chosen as BrandFactory’s digital agency to deploy a digital marketing strategy across Google Ads and SEO in three different countries: Denmark, Sweden and Norway.


At Iternum Digital we love working with B2B companies. Our goal when we started our cooperation was to increase the amount of website visitors who had a interest in the services that BrandFactory offers to the Nordic market. 


  • Running the domains BrandFactory (DK, SE, NO)

  • +180 employees

  • Operates in 3 Nordic countries

"We needed help getting more and relevant traffic to our website. It was also at a time where several companies were merged into one, becoming BrandFactory. Iternum Digital offered guidance and support throughout the whole process."

The digital strategy was developed in close dialogue with the responsible country managers for Denmark, Sweden and Norway. And the results? An +18% increase in leads from Google’s paid and organic traffic.


"The passion we’ve seen from Iternum Digital has been amazing. They have been able to show that they’ve got the right competencies to help us achieve better performance through Google Ads and SEO", Stine Grau, Marketing Coordinator & Trend Scout at BrandFactory Danmark A/S, explains.

"Iternum Digital has helped us build a platform that enables us to compete in the market, to win the clients who are looking for the services we deliver - all with the aim of getting more revenues and better performance.”

In addition to performance meetings explaining key performance indicators, we’ve also had the pleasure of conducting Google Analytics workshops together as well as having regular discussions regarding the website's improvement opportunities.


"As a company we have learnt a lot through our cooperation with Iternum Digital. They keep on showing the talent they have for taking a business model and implement it across different marketing channels", Stine Grau concludes.


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