With three stores and the mission to improve their performance on Google Ads, SEO, newsletters and Facebook, Amager Isenkram chose Iternum Digital as their full service digital marketing agency.

For anyone not familiar with the Danish term "isenkram" we’ll explain it to you right away. Isenkram means hardware and since 2017 we have had the pleasure of cooperating with one of Copenhagen’s most successful hardware stores: Amager Isenkram.

After signing a non-disclosure agreement Iternum Digital was given the opportunity to analyse the account’s data. And the findings proved convincing.


  • Running the domain amager

  • +10 employees

  • 3 physical stores in Denmark

"We could tell that Iternum Digital was no ordinary digital marketing agency. The non-binding analysis they offered showed us how we could improve both qualitatively and quantitatively in a way we haven’t seen before."

"Iternum Digital showed us what we had been doing with our data, but more importantly how to do it better. There are a lot of agencies out there that call us every week but none had the commitment to show their competencies using the data we already had like Iternum Digital", Allan Harder, Digital Marketing Manager at Amager Isenkram ApS, explains.

Iternum Digital was then chosen as the team that would best suit Amager Isenkram’s needs, given their combination of e-commerce and local stores. We deployed our findings from our analysis and assembled the right team to work on improving Google Ads, SEO, newsletters and Facebook performance.

"Companies with local stores looking to improve their online business model and performance across multiple digital channels will find that Iternum Digital is the right partner."

Within three months the team’s competencies and passion for data created a +100% increase in revenues from online channels with only a +30% increase in costs.

"The processes and technology that Iternum Digital has deployed across our digital marketing channels has not only improved our online performance but made it more see-throughable as well", Allan Harder concludes.


in revenues


in cost

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