When Cabom and Iternum Digital started their partnership in march 2018, Cabom were not doing any advertising on Google. Today, Iternum Digital are managing their Google Ads with a very great outcome.

To build up an account on Google Ads from scratch with a granular structure means a lot of work. Let us tell you more about what the granular structure is and how we have built it for is a Swedish webshop with a wide assortment with equipment for hunting, shooting, air guns as well as products for sports and leisure.

“The Google Ads has proven to be a successful channel for us, as our ROAS has increased a lot from when we started - and has kept its good numbers throughout our cooperation. We have been very happy that Iternum Digital started a dialogue with us based on our business model and how we could make money from the digital marketing strategy that we have chosen for the Google Ads platform”.

At Iternum Digital, we are using a granular structure for our customers Google Ads accounts. Most of our customers do not have the correct structure in the Google Ads account when we start to work with them, which are leading to lack of control, expensive clicks and low conversions. We will always ensure that our customers are getting a granular structure in place, which means that we sometimes have to rebuild the account, or start from scratch, as we did with Cabom.

A granular structure means that we are using one keyword per adgroup, per matchtype. As you can hear, this requires a lot of work - but will give us the possibility to adjust the bids on a keyword level. In other words we are implementing a bidding model that gives us control of the performance in a superior way, which will give our customers the best possible return on ad spend (ROAS). As has a wide assortment, we have used over 1200 keywords to build the account. With a granular structure, we make sure that the specific keyword is in the ad and as you can imagine, there are a lot of ads that needs to be produced with this structure.The granular structure also needs to be implemented for the Shopping ads,  meaning that you will have one product group per product. Cabom has over 5000 products that needs their own product group. With this structure, we have a bidding model where we can bid on the basis of cost vs. revenues on a product level, ensuring that we meet a given ROAS goal.

“It is exciting to see that our google ads are having such a success. We appreciate the monthly performance meetings and the dashboard from Google Data Studio that they have made, where we easily can access and have a overview of the performance and the ROAS for our Google Ads”.

We have also helped Cabom to add remarketing, meaning that we can target ads to users who already visited the website or made a purchase. Those customers are often “low hanging fruit” that is easy to convert, as they already have been in contact with the brand and products.

When we started to build the Google Ads account for Cabom, we agreed on a ROAS goal of 10, meaning that for every Swedish crown in ad spend, Cabom is getting 10 Swedish crowns back in sales. The ROAS goal will help us to optimize data and keywords for our customers, and also serves as the goal that we shall meet. For Cabom, we have managed to keep an average of 17 in ROAS during the 6 months we have been running the Google Ads platform.



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