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Are you curious about Amazon? Can you sell on this marketing platform? Let us help your business to create visibility and profit on a rapidly growing marketing platform with many possibilities.  

Amazon grows in the European market and it is only a matter of time before they also will enter the Nordic countries (DK / SE / NO). It is important to be prepared for Amazon's entering as the whole Nordic online retail market will get affected and changed by this- With Iternum Digital's "Amazon Services" we will help you create sales and success on this marketing platform.

What is Amazon?

Amazon is a online retail marketing platform and one of the biggest product search engines in the world and is known for low prices and quick delivery. Today Amazon operates in - Amazon North America, Amazon Asia, and Amazon Europe. Currently, we are working on Amazon Europe, which includes amazon.co.uk, amazon.de, amazon.it, amazon.es and amazon.fr. With one and the same account on Amazon Europe you will be able to sell your products on all 5 European marketplaces but still be able to manage all your orders from one single place.

Vendor Central vs. Seller Central

What differs between vendor vs. seller central the most is who’s actually are selling the products. With a seller account, you will list, put a price and sell your products yourself. With a vendor account, which is only possible to create with an invitation from Amazon, you will sell your products to Amazon-employed buyers, who will list, put a price and sell the products in their name for you.

One of the biggest advantages with vendor central is that the products will be displayed as “sold by Amazon”, which often boost the shopper's trust and confidence. The advantages with a seller account are that you will have better control of your margins, as you will adjust the price yourself. You will also get access to data about your customers, which won’t be available if you are selling your products to Amazon. With a seller account, you will also have the option to handle the logistics all by yourself or let Amazon do it for you.

"Be sure to be on Amazon Europe before it enters the nordic market. By that you will understand what products to focus on, and increase your rankings and reviews."

 Therese Casserlöv, Digital Marketing Specialist

Amazon FBA


FBM (fulfillment by Merchant) vs. FBA (fulfillment by Amazon)
When you are ready to start selling on Amazon, you can choose to ship them yourself or let Amazon do it for you. It is important to choose the fulfillment method, that complies with your business model, goals and needs.


Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) is the alternative where you are responsible for all parts of the logistics (the shipping, handling, customer service etc). Even if FBM means a lot more work and responsibility from your side, FBM can often be a great alternative if you are a smaller merchant. By fulfilling the items yourself, you will have a better control and also considerably more insights and a closer relationship with your customers as you will have to handle the customer service etc.

With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) you can let Amazon take care of your inventory, send your products to your customers, handle returns and customer service and much more. It can be a bit costly to use FBA, which might make this alternative less attractive for smaller business. Furthermore, you will have less control over the logistics as Amazon will manage your inventory, shipping and customer service for you. The the other way around - you can put all your focus on growing your business instead of managing time-consuming orders and shipments.

We will help you choose the best fulfillment method for your business. There are many requirements that need to be met, which can be a long and complicated process - let us reduce your headache and guide you through the different possibilities on Amazon.

Amazon Sponsored Products Ads


Amazon Ads

Through putting your products in front of hundreds of millions of customers you will have a big base of potential customers - and competitors. Just as for Google Search Ads, you can use sponsored ads (PPC) to try and secure that you are shown in the top of the page when the customers are searching for your products. Today, there are three main Amazon advertising formats available, presented below:


Amazon Sponsored Products Ads

A sponsored product ad is a pay-per-click ad which can be built and managed in two ways. One of the ways is with automated targeting, which means that Amazon will target the ads to all relevant customer searches based on the product information that you have set up about your products. This option lets you skip the process of selecting the right keywords, but on the other hand, you will lose some control of optimizing the data. When using the other alternative, manual targeting, you will have to find the right keywords that you want your products to be shown for. To find the right keyword that will convert the customers can be tricky - and is a process that constantly needs to be overviewed and optimized towards your Goal. Furthermore, you can add negative keywords to your campaigns, so your customers can find your products on more exact and relevant searches.


Amazon Sponsored Brands

Sponsored brands (earlier sponsored headline search ads) is a pay-per-click search ads, that is displayed on the search result page as a banner above the results that are listed, in other words, above both sponsored product ads and organic results. With a sponsored brand ad you can display up 3 or more products together and have the option to lead your customer to any page you want on Amazon after they clicked the ad. For example, you can send your customer to your own Amazon store, which is a free page that you can build for your brand if you are a brand owner, manufacturer or has got permission from the brand owner. The Brand store is a great place to show your products, tell more about your brand and build trust among your potential customers.


Amazon Product Display Ads

Product Display Ads are only available for vendors (you sell your products to Amazon via a vendor seller account). These ads can be product-targeted or interest-based targeted, depending on your goal. With a product targeting, you can let the ads appear for the shopper when they find your competitors same or similar products, for example. With an interest-based targeting, your products will be shown for an audience that shares the interest as your products, i.e. a much more broad targeting. The interest-based targeting does in most cases result in a higher volume but lower conversion than the product-targeting option. As a vendor, you have the option to choose where you want your product display ad to appear, for example on the right rail of the search result, on Amazon-generated marketing emails or on your competitor's product detail page. It is all up to you!


Succeed on Amazon - the importance of reviews
There are many factors that will impact your success on Amazon, but one of the keys to success on Amazon in getting reviews. It is of high importance to follow Amazons strict rules about reviews, because if you are not doing it in the right way, you risk account suspension or closure.

There are two types of Amazon reviews; product reviews and seller ratings.
The product review is often the most important, and is the the star-rating that is displayed just below your product title. The product review is attached to the product itself and not to the seller. Good reviews are very important, since 4-star reviews and higher will achieve a better ranking on searches on Amazon. The product review also plays an important role in the purchase decision, since customers has a big trust in the reviews.


The Amazon seller rating are attached to a seller’s account, and serves the purpose of reporting the seller’s performance history. These ratings are important when a customer has the possibility to buy a product from several different sellers, since the customer can compare all sellers, their prices and seller ratings.

There are many ways to get reviews on Amazon, but it is important to do it the right way and to achieve the reviews that Amazon sees as a “quality product reviews”. Achieving quality reviews is not just about the actual rating, it also includes factors like length of the review and images, to name a few. Good quality reviews will positively affect your performance on Amazon. But, on the other hand, reviews without less quality or a negative review, will have a negative impact. For example, a review with a rating lower than 4-star can negatively impact you.


With Iternum Digitals Amazon service we will help you find the most appropriate solution to create and optimize the Amazon marketing platform for you!

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